Vaporization is a kind of common natural phenomenon to cooling down . The temperature falls when moisture vaporized on sea surface which caused by wind. Surface that causes evaporation , water supplying system that humidifies this surface ,control medium that makes air pass through this surface and operates the whole system, all above are all necessary in order to reappear this phenomenon.
   Fengrui evaporative cooling pad cooling down process finishes in Fengrui paper gasket . There is a thin water film on rippled wall fiber paper surface , and the water will absorb heat in air when the heat air passes through paper gasket brought by blower fan. Then the water vaporizes to be water vapour. At last the cool and humidified air enters into room. This whole process referenced to phenomenon that wind blows off water surface.

  Wet and dry bulb hygrometer temperature of air , present efficiency of evaporative cooling pad ,those two numerical values decides temperature decended value .In general condition, efficiency of evaporative cooling pad is certain,so the better the result is ,the hotter the temperature is .
  The heat source of hothouse comes from heat conducting or heat rediation, while thermal load of the two decided by air condition or hothouse shady treatment .
  However, all calorie caused temperature ascending are all disposed by ventilation, so proper ventilation quatity in room is a good evaporative cooling pad, the base of blower fan temperature descending system .



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